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Timing Is Everything:

Additional “Bonus” Advice


Timing Your Tax Business Ads

Do you know when your target markets are the “hungriest” for your tax services? Do you know when they are more likely to call you, come by your office or take some kind of action that commits them to your tax business? How about the WORST times to promote to your target client? (That is even more important sometimes since the “window of opportunity” in the tax business is so small.)

Timing in the tax business can mean everything. (When a bear is starving, it doesn’t matter too much what kind of food is in front of him at the time. He’s just gonna eat because he’s HUNGRY.)

The same can be said about your target market(s). You feed a “starving crowd” when they are hungry. Like the bear, once they have eaten, it doesn’t matter after that. (In our case, it doesn’t matter for a whole year later.)

So knowing your sales cycles before tax season begins and planning your marketing campaign around those “selling windows” is the best way to go.

In early February to February 15th there’s a lot of people who’ve just gotten their w-2s and are thinking about their taxes. Maybe you’ve sent them a reminder in early January about taxes this year and they’re now getting all their 1099s and w-2s in the mail.

This is a great time to be testing and running ads (for a “white collar” target market). Why? Well, mainly because they are getting tax related documents in the mail all the time now. But more importantly, most other tax businesses mailed their sales letters back in early January and have NOT sent any follow-ups.


If you are mainly in the electronic filing bank product business, you know you need to get clients in your office as early as possible! If you want a piece of the refund loan market, you’ve got to do advertise in early January to early February (or you miss this lower income market.) These folks want their money now, and as soon as they get their w-2s, they are in a tax office that night many times!

I think every tax business should go after both the “blue collar” low income market and the other higher income target clients because the timing is so different, you CAN do both!

Chauncey Hutter Jr.

Tax Marketing Expert

Chauncey Hutter, Jr, is a best-selling author and leading marketing consultant and success coach to the tax industry. Mr. Hutter grew his father’s $50,000 per year tax preparation business to a multi-million dollar empire with 24 locations, 400+ employees and over 27,000 tax clients all coming from his marketing campaigns.

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