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A Solid Structure For A “Call To Action”

How To Make A “Killer” Marketing Message

The Call To Action

Here’s the major difference between TRADITIONAL MEDIA ADVERTISING and DIRECT RESPONSE “MEASURING RESPONSE” ADVERTISING; one calls the prospect to action and asks for the order, and the other one doesn’t!

When you market your tax business like I’m teaching you to, you can’t afford to be “skirting around” the real issue.

The real issue is:

The reason this ad is in front of you Mr. Prospect IS … 

“I feel I have the best ‘doggone’ tax business in the city, and the bottom line is you would be MUCH better off letting me help you file your taxes this year compared to anything else you could do. And I’m even willing to prove it to you by guaranteeing ‘this,’ and you have my word on ‘that’ and as an extra bonus I want you to have ______ for coming into my office before I get swamped in April etc.”

This kind of message gets results. (We will not be following “Madison Ave.” Ad Agencies as our model for success!)


Action Structure

But if I could give you one solid “action structure” to model, it’d be this one.

At the end of your sales letter or ad try adding the following list of ideas as helpful closes:

  • Summarize the offer
  • Show Value – Price – Discount – Net Cost
  • Include the guarantee
  • Provide payment options
  • Add bonus

And remember, since we are talking about a short “selling cycle” (tax season), you can come up with a variety of ideas for prospects to take IMMEDIATE action.

  • Limited Number Available (Ex. My staff and I can only prepare a limited number of more NEW tax returns this tax season before the IRS April 15th deadline… etc)
  • Most Will Buy (Ex. Once they see our ad and find out we specialize in your kind of tax situation, most people in your profession call us and set an appointment immediately. The ones that don’t, well, there are only 24 hours in a day and we can’t take everyone as a new client…etc.)
  • Discounts / Bonus Gift(s) Tied To Immediate Response (Ex. To encourage you to respond quickly, I’ve made arrangements to give the first 25 new clients that call a new “X” worth over $25! I only have this limited number so if you’re the 26th person to call our office, I’m sorry … etc.)

Following these “call to action” formulas EVERY TIME will help you close more sales and increase your profitability of your overall business!

TIP: The better the “reasons” for immediate response and the better the bonus gifts you end up offering, THE BETTER YOUR MARKETING WILL WORK!



Chauncey Hutter Jr.

Tax Marketing Expert

Chauncey Hutter, Jr, is a best-selling author and leading marketing consultant and success coach to the tax industry. Mr. Hutter grew his father’s $50,000 per year tax preparation business to a multi-million dollar empire with 24 locations, 400+ employees and over 27,000 tax clients all coming from his marketing campaigns.

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