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Success Stories from Tax Industry Professionals

How to Build a Successful Business

"My counterparts in other tax businesses were furious"

“I followed what Chauncey said in his materials step-by-step. In the first two weeks we did 500-600 tax returns. Our goal was 15 a day, we did 50 a day (with a 1% reject rate). For me, since I did appointments only, I just came in, oversaw a few things, made my deposits – and I did watch my money come in! I worked an average of 6 hours a day (during peak)…


I took naps. My office was so busy, and people thought I worked like crazy. I thought, ‘Little do you know, I’m getting massages during the day!’


My counterparts in other tax businesses were furious because they were working so hard while I was out looking for new cars!


I owe it all to Chauncey’s program. I didn’t change anything – It worked!


If I would have told somebody during the tax season, they wouldn’t have believed me. Even I could hardly believe it! But I had the best tax season ever, and I am so looking forward to the next one!”

Tina S.
Waukegan, IL


"From 0 to 350 clients in our first season!"

“We opened a brand new office in Arlington, TX. We were starting at ground zero — no clients! By using your techniques & advertising ideas, we brought in over 350 clients. This is especially significant since we couldn’t even get into the yellow pages until March. So we were able to break-even our first season. There’s enough in the bank to operate the business until next January. We are extremely pleased with the results.


P.S. Thanks A Million!”

Kevin B.
Arlington, TX


"We have achieved so many goals since being with Chauncey"

“We have gone from a one person shop (me) and doing about $10,000 in gross revenues in last year to doing over $200,000.00 in gross revenues and 25 employees this year with 3 offices around town.


We have achieved so many goals since being with Chauncey’s program that we could write a book about it, but my goal this past tax season was to work less and still make more money. Well, we did it.”

Tony M., 
Des Moines, IA

"I increased my tax business from 250 to 500 tax customers"

“I was able to increase my tax business from 250 to 500 tax customers.


I look forward to putting more of your marketing techniques to use next tax season so that I can double my clientele again next year.”


Note: Since submitting this testimonial, Mark’s practice has grown to over 4,000 clients in less than 5 years.

Mark P.
Lansing, MI

"With improved systems we could focus on our second location"

“Chauncey’s coaching was a valuable resource for us during this past tax season … We used your information to improve our systems within our tax office, and realized a great increase in efficiency and a corresponding decrease in normal problems. (Our) staff did more and more of the work and my dad and I were able to concentrate our energies on (a second tax office) … Chauncey your course has challenged me to make our tax practice unique and excellent.”

Charles C. CPA,
Spartanburg, SC

"Conservative Accounting Firm Grows Rapidly, Profitably"

Jolinda & Dave Schreiber


"This year my business TRIPLED!"

“I am in the process of making my tax business my only job — Currently, I work 40 hrs a week as an accountant for a manufacturing firm and have slowly built my business (UNTIL THIS YEAR!) I made a flyer out of one of the ads in the manuals I received. Sent them out the last week in January and WOW! — what a response — this year my business TRIPLED! 1/3 of the increase is a direct response to my flyer ads. I got all information from Chauncey’s materials.”

Becky C, 
Minneapolis, MN

"From a Basement Office to 4 Retail Store Front Locations"

Al Burgos

“Just a regular guy”

"I went from a factory worker to having 4 offices"

“I’ve been with Chauncey since 1998, and I keep coming back because it’s a process and I’m learning things every time I come.


Just to let you know, I’m an assembly worker. I worked on the assembly line for General Motors putting screws in auto body, on the carburetors, but I knew I was better than that. We are all just better than manual labor. I just said, ‘I just need to learn how to succeed.’


My parents are from Puerto Rico and we grew up in rental property. I’m seeing folks around me with nice things and I’m thinking, ‘Why can’t I have these nice things?’ You know what’s the secret here?


The secret is getting around people who are doing things and succeeding and just copying them. When I first came, Chauncey had different groups and I was scared, and was thinking, ‘Man this is a big investment, but I’m going to go for it.’


Well, presently I went from a factory worker to having 4 offices. In a year period…(I’m saying this not to show off – that’s not my nature) but in a 12 month period in a factory, I would bring home $55,000. Now in 3 ½ months, I bring home 4 times that amount. I’m like, ‘Wow! I’m onto something here!’


Sometimes I’m asked ‘What do you do in the off-season?’ and I say, ‘I don’t do anything.’ Then people say, ‘Yeah, well, you’re lucky!’ and I use the acronym from Brain Tracy: L.U.C.K is Laboring Under Correct Knowledge. We are getting some serious knowledge here folks. So when people tell me I’m lucky, I just say, ‘No, I’ve been working hard and investing money in the right things.’”

Al B
Rochester, NY

"Newly Opening Office Prepared Approximately 600 Returns This Year"

The materials for marketing helped us develop and market to a “target” group. With your help, our newly opened office in Okeechobee prepared approximately 600 returns this year!

Corey M.,
Okeechobee, FL

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