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Success Stories from Tax Industry Professionals

How to Acquire More Tax Clients

"We were not prepared for this response …. you sold me"

“We are a small accounting office located in the suburbs of Los Angeles with my wife, two employees and myself. We have been in business for over 10 years and have never done over 350 tax returns. In January, we placed one of your recommended yellow page ads. We installed an 800 number so that we could monitor performance of this ad. Through April 15th we received 307 hits.


Unfortunately we did not keep good track of the number of these people which ended up in our office but we have reason to believe that most did come in. We had a total of 663 returns this year. We were not prepared for this response …. you sold me — I’m convinced your advertising works!”

Stan G., 
Montebello, CA


"Just Two of Your Ideas and the Result — 92 New Clients"

“I am so excited about your marketing! I have a small tax office — about 300 clients — and wanted to grow. My goal for the season was 100 new clients. I used just two of your ideas and the result — 92 new clients! I followed some of your office procedures and had more time. Thank you.”

Jackie H.
Boston, MA


"For $790, I received $2,580 back in net profit"

“My tax business added 69 new clients this year using one simple idea you gave me to help stimulate referrals. The special promotion cost me $790 and I received $2,580 back in net profit. (That’s over a 3 to 1 profit to advertising ratio) In addition, I expect to generate an estimated $4,000 more in sales just next tax season alone. Thanks for the marketing tip that is helping me build my tax business.”

Gerald C
Stuebenville, OH

"Refer-a-Friend Brings in $21,000 to the bottom line"

“The Refer-A-Friend program was great! It brought in 10% of my overall tax total. I figure that was an extra $21,000.00 that went to my bottom line!”

Chris J.
Jacksonville, FL


"I NEED your information for my tax client base to grow!"

“I went from 100 clients in the fall to over 400 tax clients my first tax season using your deluxe program. I NEED your information for my tax client base to grow!”

Kevin D.,
Little Rock, AR


"25% New Clients!"

“Having access to your marketing tools is what worked for me this past tax season. (25% new clients!)

Steven B CPA
St. Clair, MO

"Your ideas helped increase the number of NEW clients coming in"

“After using my consultation time with you, I now have a more effective advertising strategy for my tax business. The specific ideas you gave me helped increase the number of NEW clients coming into my office last year.


By using those “free bonus gifts” you talk about and developing a few unique selling propositions that other tax businesses don’t even know about, we were not only successful last year, but we’ll be even more ahead of the game this year. (Last tax season’s promotions should definitely help bring in many more new clients through normal word of mouth.)


Also, thanks for giving me the tools that helped me give my clients better service and at the same time, sell them more of my tax services. I look forward to learning more by reading your ongoing marketing newsletter and following up with you in the future.”

Bill C.
St. Paul, MN

"We Doubled Our Tax Clients This Year"

“I read your newsletters & decided to join. Definitely plenty of material to keep me busy and thinking. We developed several new pieces (for us) based and modeled after your suggestions. The refer a friend was a gem …. we have doubled our tax clients this year (over 270) and now have plans for another location for next year.”

Margot M 
Atlanta, GA

"I’m amazed how easy it is to pick up new clients!"

“When I got your tax coaching it was like opening a Christmas present! Your ideas are really working for us. I’m amazed how easy it is to pick up new clients! Everything you say is true about promoting your tax business. We’ll be even bigger and more profitable next tax season with your help.”

Jim C.,
Silver Spring, MD

"40% increase in clients!"

“We had a 40% increase in clients this year (over 1,000 total) AND everything went smoother than expected!”

Karen B.,
Indianapolis, IN

"Your idea really worked!"

“Just wanted you to know your idea really worked! Not only did my tax office pick up a pile of new clients that way, but we got many more using the referral program you suggested. Thanks for helping me think through how I want my business to look. I’m not completely organized yet, but your membership coaching is helping me get to a point where I can keep it and make some good money or I could sell it and walk away richer!”

Laura D.
Ocala, FL

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