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Success Stories from Tax Industry Professionals

Attending A Live Event

Even a Speeding Ticket On The Way Doesn’t Hurt Now

Was it worth to drive 5 hours from Pearland/Houston, getting a speeding ticket for going 98 in a 70 having my insurance go up for next 3 years? Answer. ‘Hell yes!’ Loved it and I pray that I can use just 5% of all the info every year. Which I know will increase revenue by at least 30% to 60%. Thank you again for letting us know what WORKS and what can make our life easy and ‘rich’ soon.

Anwar A. 
Houston, TX

Was Skeptical...

“Got Blown Away!


‘My partner dragged me – nearly kicking and screaming – to this year’s Live Event. I was quite content to be a one-person tax office. I’m leaving with a plan to expand my business. I have shifted from an ‘employee’ mentality to an OWNER mentality. I’m ready to do this thing. I called my husband and told him to get ready – I’m ready to step outside the box.


Specifically, I’m going home and raising my prices.


Immediately, (when your clients tell you that you’re not charging enough, it’s time to change!) I will hire some staff (using a system). I’m going to work my niche – refining what I do well. I have never advertised but I’m ready to get it going. The speakers were great and networking with the participants was really helpful. Thanks, I look forward to returning next year.”

Liz B
Zephyr Hills, FL

This Event “Worth 1 Million Dollars”

“I came to learn from those people who have been successful. I saw a thousand good ideas that were worth a thousand dollars each.”

Tom J

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