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Success Stories from Tax Industry Professionals

Attending A Live Event

Live Event Testimonials: A

Even a Speeding Ticket On The Way Doesn’t Hurt Now

Was it worth to drive 5 hours from Pearland/Houston, getting a speeding ticket for going 98 in a 70 having my insurance go up for next 3 years? Answer. ‘Hell yes!’ Loved it and I pray that I can use just 5% of all the info every year. Which I know will increase revenue by at least 30% to 60%. Thank you again for letting us know what WORKS and what can make our life easy and ‘rich’ soon.

Anwar A. 
Houston, TX

Live Event Testimonials: B

Was Skeptical...

“Got Blown Away!


‘My partner dragged me – nearly kicking and screaming – to this year’s Live Event. I was quite content to be a one-person tax office. I’m leaving with a plan to expand my business. I have shifted from an ‘employee’ mentality to an OWNER mentality. I’m ready to do this thing. I called my husband and told him to get ready – I’m ready to step outside the box.


Specifically, I’m going home and raising my prices.


Immediately, (when your clients tell you that you’re not charging enough, it’s time to change!) I will hire some staff (using a system). I’m going to work my niche – refining what I do well. I have never advertised but I’m ready to get it going. The speakers were great and networking with the participants was really helpful. Thanks, I look forward to returning next year.”

Liz B
Zephyr Hills, FL

Success Summit Testimonials

This Event “Worth 1 Million Dollars”

“I came to learn from those people who have been successful. I saw a thousand good ideas that were worth a thousand dollars each.”

Tom J

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