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Success Stories from Tax Industry Professionals

How to Grow Your Tax Business

"Doubled My Sales Last Year - Back For More!"

“This is the second year I have come to your live events. Last year I implemented a few things I learned, regarding office location and marketing strategies, and my gross revenue double over the previous year. This year, I have received so much valuable information that will increase my bottom line by an insane amount. And that was just in the first hour. So many practical ideas I could not possibly implement them all. However, by choosing two or three changes that I have learned here, I know I will easily double my tax practice again this year.


I am already making plans to come back next year. Anyone who has a tax practice and does not come to one of your events is going to lose a lot of money. I wish I knew about Real Tax Business Success ten years ago.”

Daniel G.
Bowie, MD


"One Idea resulted in $2212 in new revenue"

“We got signed up with you late in the year so I decided to try one idea. (The idea) generated $2212 in additional revenue!”

Joe G
Oakland, CA

"My Business Was Up 43%"

“My business was up 43%. We increased our volume from 2,200 to over 2800 returns in one office.”

Leonard V.
Springfield, MA

"Increased my business by 50% in one tax season!"

“You helped me increase my business by 50% in one tax season! I WAS SWAMPED! (I’m opening another location next tax season for sure.)


I followed your referral program just like you said. It was HOT! One lady referred 76 new paying customers to me all by herself! Your membership course is simple and down to earth and easy to use. I’ve got all the answers right there in front of me. It’s well worth the money I paid!


I even have a masters degree and your Coaching has helped the most … I can’t believe it! Thanks. I look forward to meeting other tax business owners in the membership group.”

Carlos G.
Oxnard, CA

"RAL Business Doubles In One Tax Season"

Laura Burke

“I had to buy a new home and car in the middle of tax season!”

"My Company Grew An Outstanding 36.25%"

“My company did a total of 1120 returns (that’s up from under 300 when I first started with Chauncey). My goal was to do 1400 in one year. Not only did we exceed that goal, but we did a total of 1526 returns, and my company grew an outstanding 36.25%. Another goal I set, obviously, was profit, and can I please tell you that I wanted to see an astounding 50% growth in profit? Well, I’m sorry to say that I didn’t meet the 50%…I exceeded it! My company grew 56% profit-wise. Wow! Need I say more? … Now that the long awaited the tax season has come to an end, I sat back and took a look at all of my accomplishments and to tell you the truth, I feel pretty GREAT about my business. I have now decided it is time to venture out and help others become as successful as I have in the last year. Flat out, I recommend you work with Chauncey Hutter.”

Michael G.
Jackson, MS

"Largest increase in one year"

“We responded to your offer this year. We previously had invested very little money in advertising so this was a big step for us.


Our income increased by approximately 20%. This may not seem like much, but to us it is the largest increase (in one year) we’ve had. We recognized the need for marketing the last few years. We’ve been in business for 17 years, but each year it gets harder to complete because of all the “fly by night” tax offices that pop up all over town.


Thanks for helping us show ’em who’s boss!”


Shelia M.
South Carolina

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